Christmas Gift Guide | £10-£30

Want to buy a slightly bigger gift, maybe for a friend or colleague? Here is a fun selection of gifts with a mid price range from £10-£30.


Odd Orange

CMYK Hardback Sketchbook - £30

Get back to basics with our range of essential hardback sketchbooks in CMYK colours! 190 gsm mixed-media art paper with a smooth finish.


Good Candles

Fred's Garden - £20

Perfect for evenings, lounges, presents and generally making your home smell of good times.


 Bobbi Rae

Norm the Worm - £26

Your new little, limited edition pal - and eco soy candle. Designed and made by hand in the UK.



 Divider Notebook with Ruler - £12

Stay organised and keep your notes in order with the Inkerie Divider Notebook with Ruler from Kikkerland. Whether you're taking notes in class, attending meetings, or jotting down your thoughts, this stylish notebook has everything you need. Featuring 240 pages, 5 dividers, lined and dotted pages and a ruler. 


The Outsiders Journey

Toyo Steel Toolbox - £27


Jessica Smith Illustration

15 Minute Art - Drawing - £16.99

Explore the pure joy of colouring pencils and markers with 15-minute projects that encourage you to explore drawing, colouring and shading in a relaxing, free and fun way. 




Chromatopia: An Illustrated History of Colour - David Coles - £18.95

The source of some colours and dyes is relatively well known, cochineal coming from the shell of the cochineal insect . . . but you may not have known that this source of colour is used in making Campari. The source of other colours range from minerals to plants to the sac of the cuttlefish (sepia).


Sophie Potter

Floral Vase Screen Printed Tote Bag - £14

Inspired by and drawn up in Amsterdam, this decorative vase design celebrates tulips, flowers, and rich patterned ceramics.

Hand screen printed in the UK using environmentally friendly ink, on 100% organic cotton Earth Positive Tote Bags.


Don Fisher

Estrigata Case - £23


Yellow Owl Workshop

Colour Wheel Lapel Pin - £12

Our luxury-quality 22-karat gold gilt lapel pins are decked with vivid cloisonné colors and have a magnetic backing. Delicate enough (and damage-free!) for your favorite tops but with magnetic strength that allows them to be worn on even heavy-weight denim. Comes packaged in our unique glass vial packaging with cork.


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