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RECORDING ONLY | Still Life Gouache workshop | 02/04/22

RECORDING ONLY | Still Life Gouache workshop | 02/04/22

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Let me take you from overthinking your still life to creating contemporary and playful pieces of work in just 1.5 hours.

In this workshop we will use gouache to create bright and fun still life illustrations, practice composition and colour and create a final piece at the end!

We will start off practicing some colour combinations to help you get to grips with the paint and to familiarise yourself with creating colour palettes that can then be used in your still life painting.

I will then explain the techniques you can use and mixing of gouache which allows you to create fun textures within you work and will allow you to create depth and interest in your final piece.

We will then be focusing on composition which will again prepare you to feel confident when creating a final piece.

This workshop is for people who already have the ability paint as I wont be covering basic teaching on this, but I will be explaining gouache and how to use it so you won't need any prior knowledge in this!

Materials you will need:

  • Sketchbook or paper at around 200gsm
  • Selection of gouache colours
  • A selection of paintbrushes, some big some small
  • Pot of water



You will receive a link to be able to watch the video upon purchase - links are sent out manually so please allow 24hrs after purchase to receive the link.

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