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RECORDING ONLY | Mixed media landscape workshop | 16/03/22

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You will receive a link to be able to watch the video upon purchase.

Let me take you from overthinking your landscapes to creating fun and playful pieces of work in just 1.5 hours.

In this workshop we will use mixed media to loosen up and become more free when creating landscape illustrations. Creating layers and textures with gouache, marker pens and coloured pencils to help you become confident in creating fun artworks. 

This workshop is for people who already have the ability to draw as I wont be covering basic teaching on this, and its more for people who need guidance when creating landscapes.

We will start off playing around with some of the materials to familiarise ourself with them and the kind of textures we can make using reference imagery provided by me.

We will then move on to some timed drawings, using Map Crunch which will allow us to loosen up and able to practice working faster drawing scenes and landscapes. 

Finally we will move on to a longer drawing and more of a final piece where we can take a longer time creating the scene and really exploring the materials and how they can work for us in a landscape illustration.

Materials you will need:

  • Sketchbook or paper at around 200gsm
  • Selection of gouache colours
  • Marker pens, these don't need to be fancy!
  • Coloured Pencils
  • A selection of paintbrushes, some big some small
  • Pot of water



You will receive a link to be able to watch the video upon purchase.